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Get Rewarded


Be part of a global, decentralized mobile mesh network and get rewarded by operating a Superpeer Node or by sharing mobile data with nearby nodes during our Soft Mainnet Competition (Coming Soon).

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How can I participate in the RightMesh network at launch and get rewarded?

During the Soft Mainnet Launch Competition, there will be three ways to participate:

The Roles

Be A Superpeer - Earn RMESH in the competition!

To enable incentivization, RightMesh has developed a micropayment channel solution based on microRaiden and implemented at the Superpeer layer. This allows devices to sell their data into the RightMesh network while allowing other devices to purchase this data.

Function of a Superpeer:
  • Provides hole-punching capabilities to get around firewalls (on cellular or corporate networks) and to work with Network Address Translation (NAT) for multiple devices behind the same router
  • Communicates with the Ethereum network allowing RightMesh devices to execute signed transactions (ie: execute smart contracts, create and fund payment channels, and normal funding transfers)
  • Acts a payment hub for the payment channels
  • Performs caching to minimize the number of transmissions across the Internet links (keep in mind the local side of the network has people moving around and it may tear apart frequently — if this happens mid transfer if we didn’t use caching at particular devices, it would have to start right from the source)
Superpeers must:
  • Have a dedicated, fast and reliable internet connection (local PC or cloud server)
  • Stake RMESH tokens to facilitate payments between remote mesh nodes in the network
  • Manage payment channels (automatic or custom algorithm)

* Superpeers will acculumate testnet tokens that may translate into mainnet RMESH tokens depending on the final rules of the competition. The RMESH will be distributed at the end of the competition.

Superpeer Node

Be a Superpeer Node

Get rewards by charging fees for staking RMESH tokens and facilitating payment channels and communication.

Be a Superpeer Node

Data Sharers - Earn RMESH in the competition!

Devices with excess data/internet can earn RMESH by sharing their excess with other users in the mesh.

Data Sharer can share mobile data/internet or Wi-Fi network its connected to, with nearby RightMesh end users in the mesh.

For the competition, Data Sharers will compete against each other to accumulate the most testnet tokens by sharing the most data. The earned testnet tokens may translate proportionate share of the Data Sharer RMESH pool upon completion of the competition.

If there are no nearby RightMesh App End Users, there will be no one to share data with; therefore, the role includes encouraging others to be RightMesh App End Users. Competion rules yet to be finalized.

In order to share data you will need to download RightMesh Controller

* During the Mainnet Competition, Data Sharing Nodes compete with each other to share the most data and will accumulate testnet tokens in exchange for sharing their data. The testnet tokens may translate into mainnet RMESH tokens depending on the final rules of the competition. The RMESH will be distributed at the end of the competition.

Data Sharing Device

Be a Data-Sharing Device

Devices with excess data/internet can earn RMESH by sharing their excess with other users in the mesh.

Be a Data-Sharing Device

Get connected for free!

A RightMesh App End User downloads the RightMesh wallet and a Rightmesh app and, during the competition period, gets connectivity for the app for free. Particular apps are being developed specifically to be released for the competition.

*Note that general purpose internet will not be available during the competition period.

RightMesh App User

Be a RightMesh App User

RightMesh apps users will essentially gain ‘connectivity’ for free even if they are not directly connected to the internet.

Be a RightMesh App User

Payment Channel Algorithms

Payment Channel Algorithms

One of the functions of Superpeers is to facilitate payments between Buyers and Sellers by acting as a payment hub. This requires Superpeers to manage their pool of tokens carefully. Buyers establish a payment channel to the Superpeer. Superpeers establish a payment channel to the Sellers.

As data starts to flow, funds flow from the Superpeer side of the channel to the Seller side of the channel, and from the Buyer side of the channel to the Superpeer side of the channel. Eventually, the funds available to the Superpeer to continue to pay the Sellers will run low until some of the Buyer channels are closed in order to recoup the funds paid to the Superpeer.

This takes gas and has a cost associated with it. Superpeers can charge a fee in order to cover this cost and to get rewards. The payment channel algorithm is used to determine when it is financially worthwhile to close, open, and fund channels to maximize the earned tokens, to minimize spent ETH for gas, and to maximize the number of buyers and sellers serviced.

RightMesh will provide a basic algorithm for Superpeer operators to use, or operators may choose to develop their own using the RightMesh Java developers API.

The Superpeer operator who spends the least ETH and earns the most RMESH testnet tokens through the competition will earn the most mainnet tokens. This will be determined by the best payment channel balancing algorithm, which Superpeer has the highest available bandwidth, and geographic proximity to RightMesh Data Sellers and End-users. Superpeers will also be restricted to a fixed number of RMESH tokens so the competition can not be won by simply opening more channels with more tokens.

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